When You Read The Constitution Do You Think That It Is A Democratic Plan For Government?

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When you read the constitution do you think that it is a democratic plan for government? The constitution clearly states issues that do not make it a total democratic plan. A few of these issues are the rights of woman, the issue on slavery, and the rights of citizens not born in the United States. These issues were not addressed properly for a democratic plan of government.The first piece of evidence that proves that the constitution is not a democratic plan for government lies in the rights of woman. Their rights were violated many times in the constitution. In article VI line 7 the constitution states "...process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and..." If the constitution was a democratic plan of government it should not say "his" anywhere in the constitution. It should have "his and her or their" in place of having "his" because "his" is a sexist thing to say. In article I, II, IV, and VI of the constitution, it says "he" several times. "He" should not be said because a woman could also be in one of the elected chairs of the government. Is the constitution not allowing a woman to be in the same spot as men in the government? If that is the case, then women would be second-class citizens, because they would not have the same opportunities as men do. The constitution left the power of each state government to decide who could vote and who could not. If the constitution were a truly democratic plan for government it would have stated that all citizens over a certain age should be able to vote.The second piece of evidence that proves that the constitution is not a...

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