When Are Immigrants Americans Too? Essay

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Ever since people started coming to America, those that were here before them wondered why they came! Is it for freedom or for the idea that America is "The Land of Opportunity?" In this paper, I am going to look at the reasons "Immigrants" come to America. I will also discuss both their views of themselves and how Americans view them. The question I pose to answer throughout this paper is "When will Immigrants not be Immigrants anymore and become "Americans?"

So why do people come to America from other countries? Hugo Ortega, arrived in Texas in 1982 from Mexico. He worked his way from dishwashing jobs and briefly living on the streets to being named "Chef of the Year" at the 2002 Houston Culinary Awards for his work with his prestigious Hugo's restaurant in Houston (Kaplan, 1 of 2). There are very few cases these days where people have had as much success as Hugo has, but this is what keeps people coming to America, the hope that they might be the next Hugo Ortega. His story illustrates why people come to America; to make a better life and help their families back home.

Other times, people come to America because they need and want the freedom to do what they want to do, as in Lee Ki Chuck's "From Korea to Heaven Country." This is a story about a boy who came to America with his family because they heard about all the great freedom that was here. He felt that if he came here, his life would be automatically better. After realizing that freedom has its own problems, he realizes that what he thought America was, was totally different form his experience. He realized he still had to work for what he wanted; he just had the freedom to choose what he wanted to work for. So now we know why people come to America, let us now look at what Americans think of immigrants.

Some Americans believe that immigrants should stay in their own countries and not move here. Some feel that immigrants don't add to our economy while others do. In Jimmy Santiago Baca's poem, "So Mexicans are Taking Jobs from Americans", he uses sarcasm when he implies that all immigrants, not only ones from Mexico are coming to America and taking jobs that are rightfully those that already live in America. He says that what Americans are really meaning to say is "We aren't giving the children a chance...

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