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When Books Were Burned Fahrenheit 451

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The Time Books were Burned Fahrenheit 451

The novel, Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury, is a science fiction novel that introduces a world controlled by the government. Humans are not accepted in this new world. Television has replaced family. The people live the present through television. The firemen are seen as flamethrowers, the destroyers of books. The people living in this society have no reminders or memories of history or the past. In Fahrenheit 451, the society has a strict set of values and beliefs. The government has constructed its own matrix for the people in the society to abide by. It is forbidden for books to be read or seen. Books are not to be read; they are to be destroyed without a question. Since the government has such a tight hold on society, the citizens have no clue as to what is happening in their world. In Fahrenheit 451, the government has demanded that the harshest measures be put on books, which in this case is the burning of the books. Books are considered to be evil because they make people question and think. In this world people believe that when books and new ideas are available to society, conflict and unhappiness take place. I believe that the government feels that by eliminating the world of conflict and controversy, that it will put an end to dispute and allows people to stay happy all the time. In Part One, The Hearth and the Salamander, Guy Montag is introduced as a thirty-year-old fireman in the twenty-fourth century. Montags role as a fireman is destroying all the books he finds along with the homes he finds them in. At first it was pleasurable for Montag to burn up books. At this point he believes he is happy. He is a smiling fireman. The smile, just like his burnt-corked face, is a mask.

Montag smiles, but he is not happy. Montag soon realizes he has a new unusual teenage neighbor, Clarisse McClellan. After Montag meeting Clarisse for the first time, he begins to ponder whether or not he is truly happy. Clarisse speaks to Montag about the beauties of life, the man on the moon, the early morning dew, and the enjoyment she gets from smelling and looking at things. Montag has never thought of such things before. He tells Clarisse you think too many things(9). Although the two are the exact opposite of one another, there is an attraction between the two. Montag finds Clarisse's outlook on life to be rather fascinating. She has Montag reflecting on ideas about life that he has never considered before. Clarisse has sparked Montag's curiosity and begins to help him recognize that there is something missing from his lifetrue happiness. Montag fears that the hound has sensed that he has seized some books. The chief of the firehouse, Captain Beatty, is also suspicious of Montag. Beatty makes a special point to visit Montag when he doesnt show for work. Beatty tells Montag books are figments of the imagination. Fire is good because it eliminates the conflicts that books can bring. Beattys visit is intended...

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