When I Was In Hell By Harold Aguiar

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There are so many reasons why my daughter’s mother Sabrina gets under my skin. For starters, her personality flipped from being an average person to a borderline psychotic, bipolar person. There was a time when people I was very close to stopped interacting with me because they didn’t want to deal with her. I was blind and didn’t see it until late in our relationship.One time in a restaurant she made a big scene over nothing. We were eating at a very crowded restaurant uptown on an early Sunday morning. It was about 2:45 am and there were a lot of people there getting something to eat after leaving the club. Two young ladies that I had never seen before were seated in the table right next to Sabrina and I. The music playing out of jukebox was all right and had me in a zone, when all of a sudden without any warning Sabrina begins to scream out at the top of her lungs at the women in the next table. “What the f__k are you looking at?” Then she turned her anger towards me, “Did you f__k one of them?” I was puzzled, like I said before I had never seen any of these ladies.Everyone in the restaurant turned his or her attention my way. I felt like I was in the middle of a Broadway play and there was a huge spotlight on me. At that moment, I wished I was a piece of ice and would just melt from the heat right then and there. I looked around and saw people laughing and pointing and my mind was as empty as a baseball park in the winter. Usually, under pressure I can hold my own, but I must admit that I was caught completely off-guard on this one.All I could do was try and calm her down but failed. I have never been so embarrassed in my life. One time in junior high school, I was punched in the face for shooting spitballs out of a straw in a crowded McDonald’s. That was an awkward moment but this right here was even more uncomfortable. I will never forget that moment as long as I live.I believe that her heavy drinking is what caused her to change in attitude from one moment to the next. You might as well call it a crapshoot, the way she behaves after a few drinks. Time and time again I pleaded with her to stop and she would say “O.K.” The following weekend she’d be at it again. It got so bad that her mother took custody of my daughter and the court ordered her to go to an alcohol abuse program. She never showed up to any program.She is the type of drinker that can’t stop after just one or two drinks, she doesn’t stop until she is throwing up and that disgusting. Her favorite liquor is Hennessy mixed with Alize. Those drink tastes like Nyquil and Pepto-Bismol mixed together, not to mention the bad breath it leaves behind. It is so powerful that you can smell it the next day well after you have eaten and slept off the effects.Sabrina’s irresponsibility led us to lose our Bronx apartment. I was giving her the rent money and she was doing lord knows what with the money. She also had her street...

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