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In the mid-80s in Saudi Arabia, Middle East, the culture was different than in the United States. My childhood memories were established in Saudi. My Mom and Dad decided to divorce. I was a little child and I didn’t realize what “divorce” means. I felt lonely and lost after my mother married another man. My grandparents insisted on raising me, their oldest grandson. After I moved to my grandparents’ house, my grandmother Gouzail played the role of both a mother and father in my life and this left me with great memories. My grandmother became the most significant person in my life because I learned from her kindness, organization, patience, and much more.
I still remember the first time I entered her house. The black front iron door, the wide living area with holy pictures hanging on the wall, the blue and brown carpet. I can even remember the smell of her Cambodian fragrance touching everywhere in the house. She usually put a black cover on her face which is called the Burqa. This Burqa cover had eye holes through which I could usually read her eyes. Her eyes were big, dark brown with a sharp look and she had heavy eyelashes, and everyone tells me my eyes look like her eyes. The clothes my grandmother Gouzail wore cover her from top to bottom. She is only 5'2" tall. She walked straight and her face held forward. She is a “Bedouin”; Bedouins live in the desert and they herd camels, sheep and goats. My grandma looked like most Bedouin women, powerful, smart and active. She fed camels, milked them and took care of their calves. My grandmother Gouzail had many home duties; cooking three times a day and cleaning the house every morning. Although my grandmother Gouzail didn't go to school and couldn’t read, she had the strongest memory ever I know.
Kindness was one of the lessons I learned form her. In 1990-91, Saddam invaded Kuwait, and there were so many Kuwaitis displaced. My mother is Kuwaiti and I was there in Kuwait for a summer vacation visiting my mom. In that time my grandmother wasn’t in good relation with my mom, this was my feeling and that how was it looked. My mom, my stepfather and I went to Saudi, three days after Saddam invaded. I was thinking to see my grandma because I knew she would be worry to death and didn’t sleep for days since she received the bad news. When we reached there and my grandmother saw me she start sobbed and hug me hardly and did stop hugs, kisses and crying. “I know that I going to see even everyone told me the war stat and you can’t cross the border ” my grandmother said and the tears was raining from her eyes.
“Don’t worry mam my stepfather is very nice to me, he bring me back to you” I was trying to made her comedown.
In that moment my grandmother ask my mother and my stepfather to stay in her house until Kuwait freed after seven months and their relationship became very deep after that period. When Kuwait free the

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