Where Am I Wearing? Prompt: How Factory Workers Are More Like Us Than We Think. English Composition Essay

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Prompt 4: How factory workers are more alike to us than we think
America. The land of dreams, opportunity, and most notably, confusion. About a century ago the states were at the forefront of manufacturing and engineering. Most stuff was American-made and companies flourished until someone had the brilliant idea of outsourcing to make production cheaper. Profits grew bigger and jobs positions were easily filled, but that has caused first word people to view those workers as something less; it created a false sense of being better than someone else. That the people in those third world countries, where company have outsourced jobs to, are not too different from those in the first world country. First off the masses need to be educated on the lives of the workers, second the workers have to be treated as equals so that there can be a connection between first and third world countries and third Non-Governmental Organizations should be promoted more to keep worker conditions and pay well.
Most American’s are one of two people, they either love or hate their job with a few people in between. No matter where people land if a job is taken out of the states they’re more than likely angry at the fact of losing a job. It seems like such a shot to the heart when people find out the company they worked for outsourced and the jobs once dealt with by middle class America is now being handed over to what people think of as “savage, malnourished, exploited children and/or new age slaves being held against their will.” It might be contributed by those commercials that put the sad music and strategically edit videos to shows young, anorexic children crammed in a room with horrible working conditions. Misunderstanding of overseas workers separates people and creates a false sense of gap between countries and culture.
The part that is least talked about is their motive for working. Besides being lower class workers they almost always work to provide for their families. Yes it is less money and some families live in villages, but the drive for work is still the same as those who live in America or Europe. Work to provide is the basic rule of working and some may forget that it’s the same all around the world. Some people in the states may have parents or grandparents in a retirement home they are paying for or maybe migrant workers sending money back to their families in their native country. So how is that any different from a factory worker in Bangladesh or Cambodia working in the city to send back money to their family in the village?
There is also the issue of their living conditions. Small rooms with 50 people jammed inside with very little to eat sounds horrible. Many may think that’s the case with these workers, but they’re wrong. There seem to be no more than 6 people in a room and they all have to eat and look decently healthy. Just because most Americans overeat due to a surplus of food does not mean that others with an adequate amount of food eat...

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