"Where Bias Begins" Basically Talks About How Children Are Developing Bias At A Young Age, And What Is Being Done About It.

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This essay, "Where Bias Begins", has basically one main argument: children are developing bias at a young age. This is portrayed in the different types of writing styles in the essay- expository, narrative, and argumentative/persuasive. This essay is expository due to the fact that the author is explaining how children are being exposed to bias opinions and the reasons behind it. The author further explains this theory by giving examples, which ties into the narrative aspect of the essay. Throughout the essay, the author tells short stories of children showing negative bias behaviour, which also makes the reader become more emotionally attached to the issue. However, this essay is mostly argumentative/persuasive. The author gives various examples and proof towards the main argument, as well as professional feedback and statistics to further convince the reader.The specific purpose of this essay is to proclaim that children are growing up with bias views, and something should and is being done to prevent it. This can be seen in the thesis and conclusion of the essay. "But some educators now conclude that these are the seeds of bias that, when left unchecked in children as young as 2 and 3, can grow into full-blown prejudice- not to mention the deep psychological scars they can leave on innocent young victims." This thesis mainly states that if young children are allowed to be bias, then that can lead to future discriminating, which will not only affect the children themselves and they're own negative perspectives, but the people around them that are being discriminated against. On the other hand, the conclusion states a solution to this problem: "The anti-bias curriculum celebrates people's differences and deals with them in direct and honest ways."There are different aspects to this essay concerning the language or style of the writing, such as the formal and informal characteristics. The informal characteristics of this essay include use of contractions, and 1st person. On the other hand, the formal characteristics include 3rd person, no use of slang, use of advanced words such as empathetic and evasion, proper grammar and sentence structure- thus, this essay would be considered to be more formal opposed to informal. Furthermore, there are also various tones or changes of mood in this essay. In the beginning, the author starts off by telling stories and giving various examples of children being negatively bias towards other children, and making bold statements of this issue such as: "Children at play? Routine incidents like these occur largely unnoticed or are ignored on playgrounds and in classrooms." This sets a very serious and solemn mood; the stories also apply an emotional impact on the reader to feel perhaps a bit upset or sympathy for the children that are being mistreated. Further into the essay, the tone becomes more formal, due to the statistics, facts, and opinions of various professionals.In addition, there are different logical...

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