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Where Can I Find Family, Food, And Animals? Maybe The State Fair!

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Each year around the end of summer the semi’s roll into town carrying god knows what as they head to the state fair grounds. A few days later you drive past and you see all the rides towering over the lush green fields. Before you know it the animals are corralled into their pins and lugged down and put in the fairgrounds barns. Now as you pass you can smell the smell of fresh cut grass mixed with the smell of manure. Yummy! Finally you pack the whole family into the car and head to the state fair! As you drive down that old dirt path your mind is overwhelmed with the past memories of the fair, like the salt water taffy, the freshly popped kettle corn, or the time you almost puked. As the fairs wheel spins round and round the people chatter, little boys squabble, and the corndogs boil. Now when you come not only does is feel welcoming but like home.
Not all people feel this way when it comes to the fair. In the article “Taking in the State Fair with Garrison Keillor” by Garrison Keillor, Keillor describes the fair as “A ritual carnival marking the end of summer and gardens and apple orchards and the start of school and higher algebra and the imposition of strict rules and what we in the north call the long dark times.” (Garrison 85). Keillor also discusses the top 10 things to do at the fair that range from eat until you puke and see the world’s largest swine. But noticed that as the day progresses all this fun is now turned into fatigue and an empty bank account. Keillor points out that after a long day of rides and tons of food that people are in fact shameful that they consumed all that food and seem to see it as a waste of time and money. You then go in search of your car in a parking lot larger than any car dealership and luckily you find it and as you drive away you drive back to reality of feeding your family and going to work. Keillor sees the fair as a place that you eventually regret attending while I see it as a place to connect with one’s community and a place to escape for a while, while you indulge in fating foods.
When you think of the state fair what do you think of? Like Keillor I see the state fair as a place where you indulge in foods you know you shouldn’t eat and a place that might take some of your money, but those are not the things one will remember about the fair after about 5 years. When I think of the fair 5 years ago I remember when I first rode the zipper and almost slammed my face on the cage from laughing so hard. Or just this last time I remember ridding the fire ball for the first time and as I hung upside down my butt didn’t touch the seat any more while my boyfriend next to me almost got sick. Then after that I challenged by best friend to ride it with my while my boyfriend sat down and tried not to puke. Not how much food I ate nor the amount of money I spent on...

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