Where Do We Go From Here

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Since the lndustrial Revolution, the world has changed dramatically. Almost every
aspect of human life is different than it was 100 years ago. We have airplanes that travel
500 mph. Cars that are run by batteries. We have miniature computers that we carry
around in our pockets. We pay almost $5 for a gallon of gas. We turn on our HD color
televisions to hear about politicians squabble over weapons grade uranium and the
latest school shooting in Ohio. The U.S. invests trillions of dollars in our military and yet
we have thousands on the streets stan/ing. We have and continue to poison our planet
and atmosphere beyond repair and yet we still have people who claim that global
warming is a myth. Each year every person produces hundreds if not thousands of
pounds of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere while at the same time we destroy the
thing that turns it back into owgen, the trees. The damage that we have done to the
Earth is irreversible, that is a fact. Well if we screwed ourselves this far, where can we
go from here?
To be completely honest, the possibilities are endless. There are so many
options in fact that we have to narrow our question. Where do we go from here? Well
the first answer is: We’ve destroyed our planet, why not find a new one in space? Or
even better, lets build ourselves something to live on in space. This seems like a
plausible idea and to an extent, it is. We have built space stations, and spaceships, why
couldn’t we build a space colony? Well we could, but the money, resources, and time
needed to accomplish a feat like this seems rather futile when the rest of humanity is
sitting on Earth killing it. So if we rule out the idea of space, then what are we left with?
We're left with Earth. The damage that we have already inflicted upon the planet may be irreversible but that doesn't mean we need to keep doing it. Already today we have
people thinking of how we can stop the damage that we are doing. We have our hybrids
and our compostable...

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