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Where Do You Feel Most Content, What Do You Do There & What Does It Mean To You

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For me, contentment is synonymous with only one place – the soccer field.

Whilst the world has its argentine genius – Lionel Messi and its English

architect – Wane Rooney, the local playground had me, a hesitant 17 year

old with raging hormones looking forward to shining each day, trying to

outdo himself, working towards achieving greater heights.

Soccer is my passion, although my fascination for the sport developed

long after I had walked away from soccer coaching. I did not enjoy the

experience because of my lack of ability, embarrassment and fear of the

coach himself. Thus, I shied away from one of the best opportunities I would

ever get to become a good player.

Sometime later, when my peers started to shift focus towards their studies,

funnily enough, the playfield started appearing on my schedule every


The colony ground was the place to be, in the waning hours of the

day. Picture this: The sun is just setting. Twelve people, one ball. The

atmosphere filled with shouts of enthusiasm, yells of frustration and joyous

calls of celebration. However, from my point of view , the situation was very

different. I was the oldest, and also no good. I watched friends become

more adept at the game while I struggled just running with the ball.

Eagerly and ardously, I approached each day as one full of new opportunity,

and yet the cogs that turned within me always seemed to malfunction at the

instant I was passed the ball. Hesitant and uncertain, I did not know what to

do with it. By the time I devised a tactic, my chess board would have been


Usually, when you put in hours of work on something, like Math, you

gradually improve. However, I realized this wasn't a mathematical equation

with one answer, or an inequality, with a...

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