Where Do You Fit In? Essay

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Imagine the place that you are the most comfortable, the place where you get that quote on quote “warm fuzzy feeling”. For you that might be your house, a specific class in school, or a house of someone you know well. We usually get this feeling because of things that we’ve done there, people we’ve met, or just the familiar surroundings. For me it’s not a specific place, instead all I need to feel comfortable is my family. Throughout the start of my life up until now I have had arguments and fights with my siblings but I know that every one of those disputes has strengthened my family bond. I have had so many learning and growing experiences and each one taught me different things. These experiences range from family road trips, to doing the same things as my siblings, and even the little everyday schedule has taught me things about my family.
Some of my best family experiences were on family trips, but sometimes it was not in fact the activities at the place we were going but the journey there that held the learning experiences. Most of the family trips that we take are over eight hours long. There are many things that come from being in a cramped car for that long. One of which is you get bored unless you talk to other people, so that’s what you do. Sometimes you can find out a lot about a person by talking to them for that long, even people that you thought you knew completely. On one of my family trips my brother told about a time that his friend almost suffocated on a snow caving trip. It happened when they were crushing in the snow caves and it wasn’t working, then the last time that his friend tried jumping on it, the ceiling broke through and he was stuck halfway with his face buried in snow. My brother finished by telling me how they got his friend out, I learned something new and cool about my brother. On road trips you also get to see the best and the worst in people. The first half of the trip is usually when you see the best in people, because it’s when everybody can sleep and they are still excited about going on the trip. Almost every summer my family travels to Coeur d’Alene Idaho to visit my grandparents. It’s about a seven hour drive and from here to there and I usually sleep for at least half of the drive over there. When you see someone sleeping you are seeing the best in that person because it is when they are the most tranquil and peaceful. Unless of course that person is snoring, then you are seeing the worst of that person. Whenever we go on family trips I have to be one of the first people that go to sleep or else I am kept awake by the snoring of my family members, but when I do go to sleep sometimes my siblings complain that I was snoring and keeping them awake. A person snoring is bad but the last half of the trip is even worse because it’s when everyone has woken up from their naps and they are ready to be done with driving. Everyone gets anxious and bored which makes them restless and grumpy. When the driving in the...

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