Where Do You See Yourself In Ten Years?

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Where Do You See Yourself in 10 Years?
Robert Storm Petersen once said, “It’s hard to make predictions, especially about the future.” This quote is the very facsimile of the writer’s perspective on foreshadowing. Any variables available in any initial future prediction are likely to be few if not any. It is likely to construing any certain resolution and cluttering the end prognosis with idealistic goals and dreams. Given that the age of a particular individual is 18, ten years into the future this individual would be 28. Originally unfruitful and underachieving, he or she had an unfavorable academic experience, and work ethic. Rising to a challenge being more of an expectation, within a ...view middle of the document...

Like any responsible parent, providing, caring, and loving their offspring is almost intuitive. Rearing them to be respectable individuals with morality and initiative is not considered intuitive, but conditioned and consciously-manufactured. Using any good parent in this instance, and assuming they are considerate, well-natured, and all around fit for parenthood, would instill values of love, affection, consideration, and humbleness in their offspring, and teach them useful information so they could impact society in a novel and grand way somehow, however insignificant in stature. In co-operation of a like-minded wife or husband, sharing very similar values and temperaments, they would be providing their children with nurturing care. All this, while enjoying a new environment to the likes of Asheville, North Carolina. Stationed even in a similar Suburban mountain terrain with facility of transportation, an overall artistic atmosphere to fuel the writer’s musical endeavors, and a healthy environment to raise kids and start a life. The same in a different setting would apply to a country over-sea, like the Dominican Republic with its year-round tropical climate, cheerful people, and music-driven culture.
Using a student as a reference, determining a degree like Doctors of Pharmacy to be lengthy in duration, the woefully painstaking time to fruit a business, and the necessities for branching and extending that business into a franchise; Six years is the estimated average for any given individual to complete a college degree for Doctors of Pharmacy with satisfactory grades. Six unforgiving years of study, internship, and commitment to studies are the forthcoming of a student’s college experience. The curriculum for this degree places heavy emphasis on the biological sciences, such as: Bio-Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Pharmacodynamics, Calculus, and other math and science oriented subjects. Pharmacies are notorious multi-level marketing schemes. Promoting medication to alleviate or cure certain symptoms is a commonly used strategy, while lawyers take advantage of promoting compensation for those pharmaceuticals rash adverse effects. As opposed to distributing pharmaceuticals analogous to opium or other potentially addictive substance, one could rely on the synthesis of pharmaceuticals with botanical foundations known to alleviate a plethora of symptoms and qualitatively enhance their potency and duration; all while keeping meticulous directions and specifications for harm-reduction, creating medicine near completely physically and psychologically benign. In addition to selfish and unconscientious, these franchises prey on the market’s...

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