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Where Friendship Takes You Essay

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In the novel, Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes, we learn the story of a abused girl trying to survive the world that she was placed in. She never had any friends until she was in the sixth grade, when she met Eric. Eric was also an outcast because of his weight. The other kids call him Moby because he's on the swim team and that's their clever way of saying that he is like a whale. Sarah and Eric have been friends for six years and when she stops talking and is placed in a psych ward, he questions the situation right away. Eric visits her frequently to try and get her to talk. Sarah finds a way to tell Eric part of the reason why she hasn't been talking. She is trying her best to stay away from ...view middle of the document...

What made their friendship strong was how hard they worked to remain friends. Eric stayed fat for her. Hence the title of the novel, Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes. When he joined the swim team, he started to lose weight. He and Sarah barely hung out when he joined the team and Eric made new friends. Eric realizes if he were to lose weight, Sarah might not want to hang out with him anymore. He decides to eat even more to maintain his weight, so that he and Sarah would remain friends. Eric sacrifices the acceptance from his peers and the potential of making new friends for his long-term friend, Sarah.

Sarah is a very tough seventeen-year-old girl. She is intelligent and kind to those who were kind to her, which wasn't many. Sarah would protect Eric the way he would for her. It is very hard for her to ask and accept help, even if she knows that she needs it. She cares for Eric, but can't find herself to ever trust him. In the relationship, Sarah taught him how to be tough and stick up for himself. She taught him how to be a good friend as...

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