Where Have You Gone? Essay

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Where Have You Gone?
The poem is effective because its states very evidently what the situation is between the author and the other person. The theme is strong and fits the situation the author is going through and makes you and the author have many different emotions going through your head. At the same time it makes you think about your real life situation how you would react if it happened to you. The poem includes a tone, metaphors, alliterations, and repetition,
The theme deals with abandonment and betrayal. It is expressed in a way to make you feel sad for the author because having to be left all alone when things were going great or at least you thought. The author’s reaction would be shocked above all things, but the main three that would first come to mind are sad, scared, and anger. Thoughts linger is your mind to think of every possible thing you did, didn’t do, or could’ve done. It can make you feel guilty that they left for a certain reason that you never knew of. The author will constantly think what they did to the other to deserve this or maybe they didn’t deserve this at all, and it could’ve been the other person who left that done something to want or need to leave. The person you loved that you gave your heart and trust to abandons you, you would feel scared and lost. It would be hard to know what happened and the next move to do. Anger and betrayal will frustrate you in wondering
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how someone you love could make your day then bring you down so much. The other person left taking all the money needed for rent will cause anger towards the person without even discussing the problem. The author’s lover will always have a piece of them wherever they go, this will reflect them throughout their life. The other will not forget. it takes time to get over a once loved one, but the author will not be bitter because what they had was real. You need to be careful whom...

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