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Where I Will Be In Ten Years

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     As a senior in high school many students ponder the big question of life that seems to be asked by many. No that question is not where do you want to go to college, what are you doing after high school, that question would be where do you see yourself in ten years. As I reflect on my childhood I have many dreams and aspirations that I would like to accomplish within the next ten years of my life. In ten years I can see myself having many of my goal accomplished, if not accomplished, I will be working on accomplishing those goals to fulfill my life.

I live with my mommy and daddy in La Cresta along with my brother. I have many friends in my life right now, but i don’t want to drag on this paper with all of their names, but I hang with the guys on the weekends. I do not currently have a girlfriend but I am seeing a very beautiful lady by the name of Timarie Kelly. On campus at school I am involved in the custom car club, which has led me to a new found respect for automobiles. In high school my favorite subject is my senior English, because I have Mrs. Saylor as my English teacher, and I also love my TA class because it’s a kickback class with my friends Ray-Dawg, Nick, and of course the teacher Mrs. Moon.

     After high school I have many plans that I would like to accomplish, but I know that I have to take it slow because I can’t have everything at once. After I graduate, I plan to pick up business on my golf cart company that I operate for the time being. I would also like to continue working on my truck, and getting it into truck shows state wide. I hope to attend drag racing school sometime within a year after I graduate, so I can achieve my goal of becoming a drag racer. I plan to achieve my goals because I know that if I truly put my mind to something, I can do anything I want to do.


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