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Where I Would Like To Live

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Some call it the city of lights or it’s known as the capital of fashion, well Paris to me is the definition of peaceful living. That would make me happy, somewhere away from the problems and crisis the world is going through. From the small brick road to the old style house the feeling of being taken to a different time is a great place to be. Then there is the love of soccer, the way people live it, see and enjoy great matches makes the game even better. What better place to eat then here, Paris has some of the best restaurants and chefs in the world. Paris is one of those places that have a rich culture and attraction to keep me busy every day. The perfect place to live would be here for ...view middle of the document...

At night the city illuminates the sky with bright gold lights and in the middle the Eiffel Tower. Symbols know worldwide yet few have seen this enormous structure. Going up the shaking elevator you can see all of Paris lit up with vibrant energy people have in this city. Strolling down the main streets all the culture comes out filling the night with street performers and people from around the planet. That is why it has become a melting pot of cultures that has more people wanting to visit or move to Paris.
On this day the city stops, people go into the streets marching toward stadium waiving red and dark blue flags ready to see Paris-Saint Germain fight for the final game. Although this time the Parisians will be going to war in a different way. People here have pride for their team like any other European city would. Just that here win or lose the passion and vive lives from begging to end. We all stand up cheering as the players make their way to the field and proudly chant “Allez Paris-Saint Germain, Allez Paris-Saint Germain, Chantez Paris-Saint Germain, Allez le Parisienz” The noise inside here is very loud that is hard to even hear yourself think, then everyone is quiet, the games has begun. Suddenly the ball starts to roll with everyone watching closely, this makes me feel at home. Like when me and my father wake up early on Saturdays to see the games on TV. “GOOAL! The resultant corner is swung in from the far side and Marquinhos finds space between Rolfes and Reinartz to get his head to the ball.” Everyone cheers and hugs each other, these people have never met yet they celebrate together. All of sudden the opposing team has score; everyone covers their face with disappointment thinking that the games is lost. Sometimes games like this send people through a roller coaster of emotions yet the hope is not lost. People around begging to get loud as a motivation others exaggerate and throw fireworks. Sometimes the fans get out hand and start arguing with the opposing team fans but nothing happens. Finally the game is over and Paris-Saint Germain won, everyone gets out of stadium like a herd of wild...

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