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Where Is Bluetooth In The Internet Of Things?

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Where is Bluetooth in the Internet of Things?

Bluetooth is an old technology and has been around for more than a decade. And amidst all the developments in mobile connectivity, wireless communications and the rapidly growing Machine-to-machine communication technology, others wonder what has happened to this good old way of connecting devices. Has it been totally replaced with another technology? Certainly, some other similar or related inquiries may surface as the discussion on what happened and is happening with this technology goes around the tech world and among those fond of Bluetooth. But the answer to this question is NO. Bluetooth has not been totally eradicated. At least not yet.
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The latest version available is Bluetooth 4.1, which offers the most advanced super-low power communication used in most mobile accessories, wireless sensors, wellness devices, and consumer products. This technology is also known as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Bluetooth Smart.

As the Internet of Things becomes more and more widespread, and with the integration being made possible with machine-to-machine communication, BLE or Bluetooth Smart is undeniably marking its territory in the low powered connectivity market. It has some competition in the market such as NFC and Wi-Fi Direct, however it does not have the range restriction that NFC has and BLE still has much lesser power consumption than Wi-Fi Direct. In other words, Bluetooth still has a considerably better future in the world of wirelessly connected things.

SIG remains optimistic about it and said, “Given the advent of Bluetooth Smart – its performance, low cost, simplicity and ubiquity – it's become the preferred wireless technology for OEMs to replace niche or proprietary technologies,” Jawanda further added, “If you want to connect to a few billion devices your customer probably already...

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