Where Is Privacy Now? Essay

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The privacy of American citizens is being invaded. Who would invade a person’s given privacy rights? The answer to this question is the government. Also, like in today’s world, in 1984 Big Brother watched Oceania’s citizens at all times. Privacy is being invaded and this must be stopped. There are a few simple solutions to gain privacy back in lives of the Americans.
The scary thought that someone is watching every day is actually happening. The obvious camera in 1984 is the telescreen that watches and listens to people at all times, but the telescreen was not the only “camera” watching people. The children of Parson’s turned in their father to the Thought Police because he said “Down with Big Brother” in his sleep (Orwell 233). Parson’s own children were watching at all times and then turned against him. In Ontario High School there are 38 to 40 cameras that watch. Cameras are placed in the hallways, the office, the cafeteria, the gym, and at the entrance of the high school. The government is always finding different ways to watch its’ citizens. As a way to limit peoples’ ability to watch, Americans can turn the location services on cell phones off, so the government cannot track this information. Laptops usually have webcam cameras on the top of the screen, place a piece of dark tape over the camera so no one can track locations or see where someone is. This is only one example of how the government is watching what Americans do.
Having someone turn against another that was thought to have been known by the other person happens daily. Mr. Charrington gained Winston’s trust at his shop and Winston believed that he would be able to rent the upstairs space of his shop if he paid rent. Later, Mr. Charrington turned Winston and Julia into the Thought Police and they found out that he was disguised as an old man, but was a completely different person. He was a member of the Thought Police (Orwell 224). Mr. Charrington tracked Winston and Julia so he could catch them. There are many ways the government can track citizens in today’s society. One way to not be tracked by the government is to use cash instead of credit cards. When using cash the government cannot track purchases. One never knows who really is a friend, or who...

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