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Tell me where you were born and I'll tell you your future. This is the harsh reality facing the vast majority of the world's population, particularly in developing countries where the concentration of wealth is striking!
Take Bangladesh (8th most populous country on earth) for example, with a population half that of the United States but a GDP(Gross Domestic Product) that is 141 times smaller and that gap is only getting
bigger. This is not the only problem however, even scarier is the growing disparity of income within countries themselves. Brazil is perhaps a model example of such disparity; being home to some of the poorest as well as the
richest people in the world. It's no secret either, the segregation between the rich and the poor can be seen by briefly taking a look at any country's education system, political system and even architecture. However shocking the differences between nations may be, take a tour of any one of
them and there will be one common denominator: inequality.
Although it may be true that some inequality between the rich and poor can be beneficial to the economy, too much of a gap is having grave repercussions. For some children it may prove to be
beneficial but it nevertheless has led to a future where the fate of one's parents ultimately determine's one's future. Even more frightening than this intergenerational inequality is the correlation between the parents'
incomes and where they live. There is both good and bad news in regards to this fact. The good news is that in the passed few years there has not been a huge change in this disparity of income. However, the bad news is
that the only reason for this stability is that we,as citizens of earth, can't really get any worse, in fact we have actually hit a ceiling. The effects of these almost unreal disproportions are graphic enough to scare anyone; social
exclusion, political instability and the shear injustice of it all is leaving a body count that includes almost everyone on the planet and if not significantly reduced will lead to much worse consequences.

Social exclusion is one of the most evident effects of the unequal distribution of wealth as its repercussions can be found in every aspect of society. The existence of social inequality can be almost entirely
attributed to the the lack of a prosperous economy in certain regions or groups of people. This absence of a prosperous economy makes them incapable of attaining the same, or same quality, of goods and services as the wealthy.
A perfect and extreme example can be found in our own backyard, the reserves, where a vast majority of the aboriginal population lives, are at the bottom of the socio-economic scale. Such unfavourable living conditions (such
as lack of esentials, safety and healthcare) have taken quite a toll on the psychology of its victims and could be the explanation for the high concentrations of this ethnic group in prison systems across Canada as well as the high
substance abuse and...

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