Where Ignorance Is Bliss, 'tis Folly To Be Wise

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The proverb “With great power, comes great responsibility,” is proved throughout the ages, many times with great accuracy and effort. Unfortunately, there has also been many times where power can drive one to their limits, and ultimately cause fatality to oneself and others. However, responsibility can be hard to achieve, especially when one is in a state of functioning “metaphorically blind,” where one assumes they are superior to the surrounding species. Ignorance is a state where one is “metaphorically blind,” and can be displayed when one does not have the knowledge required to make the appropriate decisions, however, they still make their decisions regardless. Individuals that demonstrate ignorance are unaware, and are lacking knowledge. They act irresponsibly and as a result; this leads to many problems in their own lives as well as others. Classic examples of characters who exhibit ignorance are: Venus in the love myth “Cupid and Psyche”; Arachne in the compelling myth “Arachne”; and finally “The boy” from the horrific myth “The Origin of Death among the Karachi.”
Venus is the supreme ruler of love and beauty, and is a very powerful goddess however, as powerful as she is Venus wants all this power for herself. Venus believes that since she is dubbed the goddess of love and beauty, no other woman should possess these qualities. Venus’s ignorance can be seen in her many evil tactics and plans against Psyche, who is equally if not more beautiful than Venus. This stirs controversy for Venus and, “Immediately Venus was filled with jealousy and hatred for the mortal girl” (Cupid and Psyche 106). As one can see, Venus is immediately concerned about her status as “The Goddess of Beauty”, and has already become blinded by jealousy. Venus’s lack of knowledge caused her to think it is wrong for people to display affection for each other and not her. Venus acted on the small amount of information that she knew; she becomes envious of Pysche. The next proof is how Venus said, “I want you [Cupid] to use your power and make the wretch [Pysche] fall in love with the ugliest creature alive” (Cupid and Psyche 106). This exhibits Venus’s evilness, and the lengths she is willing to go, to inflict pain and struggles upon Psyche in order to remain an admired goddess. This is quite ironic because as much as Venus dislikes Psyche, her son, Cupid, falls in love with her, based on the following: “Because I have fallen in love with her. And I could not let such an ugly fate happen to such a lovely maiden” (Cupid and Psyche 108). This triggers the thought that Psyche must be very beautiful if Cupid who spreads love, but never seems to receive it, falls in love with her [Pysche]. This verifies that Venus “Hates being ignored” (Cupid and Psyche 109), and she cannot live without having all the attention, and keeping her beauty to herself. Unfortunately, Venus seems metaphorically blinded by her own beauty, and takes her talent for granted, and makes decisions without...

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