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I stood in the doorway, dazed at the conversation that was taking place in front of me. Why on earth would they ever want to move? I stood there taking all of their words in my ears; they went in one ear and out of the other. “But…but why?” I protested. I was saddened inside. A lump grew in the pit of my throat, it felt dry. I ran outside and looked around. The roses bloomed and tulips grew more than I had realized. They were a pretty pink, the kind I would think a fairy would wear on her flower skirt. I plopped down on the soft grass. Tears rolled down my face as if they were racing to the blades of grass as they fell off of my chin. Everything seemed as if it were crashing, falling down, ...view middle of the document...

Somehow I knew you had the intentions of doing good for me, and that you weren't doing this just to be mean.

I ran outside to my cousin Olivia. “Let's play one last game of mermaids, okay?” I smiled and ran to the backyard. We jumped in the pool. The water felt cool on my skin, it refreshed me. When I sunk underwater, everything felt okay again. It felt as if I was going to stay here forever, and I would've been completely okay with that. The water was a deep, clear, turquoise blue. The splashing was soothing to my erratic nerves and pulsing heart. I dove out and under the water, like some scared fish, searching for a place to hide. Our laughter would fill the air every time we broke the surface of the water. The air was somewhat clear, I felt a weight lift off my shoulders as I laughed and played. Time stood still this day. We drove off an hour later. You all were there, waving at me, acting as if everything were okay. There was a certain sadness in their eyes, as if someone they loved had just died. They were smiling, and even though I wanted to frown, I smiled back, assuring everyone I would be just fine.

“We're home,” I looked around and everything was miniscule compared to home. “This isn't my home.” I snapped back and gathered my blanket and Nintendo DS. The house was beautiful, and roomier than the other townhouse back home. I settled my things into my new room and sat down, wistful about what I left a couple of hours ago.

At first, school was harsh. I had moved from the heart of a major city, to endless fields and chicken coops. They did not accept me, it was hard to get up for school in the morning. I didn't like the smell of chicken poop, or the endless nothing that dragged on forever just to get to the nearest...

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1720 words - 7 pages , but it is by their grace and their mere existence that I am where I am today. Sure, they did not guide me through high school, but they were always the voice and the instinct, either in my mind or in my heart, or both, to search for schools in New Orleans, and return to where I belonged. Works Cited Bolaño, Roberto. Between Parentheses. New York: Penguin Books Canada, 2011. Print. Mamet, David. The Cabin: Reminiscence and Diversions. New York: Vintage, 1993. Print.

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