Where My Political Socialization Comes From

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Where My Political Socialization Comes From

A lot of things have played a role in my personal political socialization. Political ideology is the places where you have informed your beliefs from. The first example of where I get my personal political socialization is from my family. Second I have influence from my location in the U.S.A. Finally I get influence from Narragansett High School which is the school I currently attend. That is where I received my personal political socialization from.
The main place where I have received my political socialization from is from my family. This is logical because I have been with my family since I was born so I was bound to pick up a lot of there beliefs as the years went by. My family has not down right come out with a position on economic issues, but if I had to choose one I would say they tend to lean more towards the liberal side of the matter. I cant remember to far back in the line of politics but I do remember as far back as when George Bush got elected for the first time. At home our political discussions don’t happen to much but during the last election they did. I think mainly they did because of the dog racing ban that was proposed. I was for the ban and my mother and step-father were against it. However I persuaded them to be for it to. My family does vote and participate in elections regularly. I am during 18 this coming Saturday and im excited to vote for the first time. I believe that they vote because they know its one of there responsibilities as an American.
Family is not the only...

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