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Where On Earth? Essay

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"One of the most intense films I have seen all year” says Peter Bogdanovich one of the most respected film critics of our time as we walk out of the worldwide premiere of Gravity in New York City. As we left the cinema, the lobby was filled with a variety of emotions and a buzz of a yearning for more. The on screen brilliance of Sandra Bullock playing Ryan Stone and George Clooney playing the character that we all love to hate of Matt Kowalski. With the encapsulation of the audience in this medium of production the key themes within this film are ones that can be compared along side with the epic brilliance of the all American literary genius that is Emily Dickinson in her collection of The ...view middle of the document...

Hence the narrative of the poem encapsulated the journey of the persona turning away from civilization and humanity and towards the relationship that she has with the environment around her and seeks the opportunity to belong with. A representation of this can be seen in stanza one with the line “The simple news that nature told, /With tender majesty.” It explores that world that the persona feels she belongs to, hence nature and mother earth has become what some would call home. This poem exploits the notion of seclusion that is ever apparent with the human condition.
“Cuarón is a mind of brilliance” said Peter in our discussion after our initial viewing of the film. “The amount of emotion that he was able to express, the intensity and dramatic meaning apparent from the very beginning of the film is a credit to him and is worthy of a golden globe” he added as the crisp smell of popcorn wafted through the air in the lobby. This unique film Gravity makes great use of the on screen characters with only two characters ever seen. With advanced CGI throughout the film, the editing crew should be commended for the excellence that they have been able to create.
Bullock is also to be commended for her role as Ryan Stone and in particular her on screen performance in scenes that took place within the simulated Chinese space station. Her desire to return home to earth is one that is strong but she is physically unable to do so due to her circumstances.
Studies have shown that besides for smell, hearing is the most powerful sense an individual has. Within this scene a single sound represents the entirety of Earth. This symbol that of, a barking dog in China. Stone’s childhood and the entirety of her life is exploited due to the overwhelming sound that is of the dog bark. This symbol acts a beacon of hope for Stone and her desire to return home. The use of low and close angle expresses the intense emotion that is created within the...

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