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Where's My Happy Ending Essay

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The sky was a reddish-grey, an unsettling color even considering it was becoming night. We laid on the riverbank, talking about the simple things and pointing out the cloud shapes. As I looked over at Yosuke, I felt myself unwillingly smile. I am in love with him, to be honest. It is difficult to deal with, since Yosuke’s homophobia is still going strong. I am afraid to tell my friends in general that I prefer males. For one, several of the girls have confessed to me over the past few months, and I don’t want to hurt them. Second of all, Yosuke gives Kanji a very hard time and I am wary of being treated the same way.
This whole situation gives me a headache, to be honest. I didn’t expect ...view middle of the document...

Teddie jumped on my body and wailed. “We miss you too Senpai! So beary much!!” I can’t help but chuckle and I hug Teddie, patting his head. Kanji nodded, looking away. “Y-yea. It’s not the same without you Souji.” Rise teared up and Yukiko looked down to play with the hem of her skirt. “Everything they are saying is true. We...uh, we need you Senpai. You’ve been our leader from the start.” Yosuke hit me lightly on my upper back. “Uh, yea partner. You’re important to us.” My heart stung from all of their words, not just Yosuke’s.
One by one, they all surrounded me and before I knew it I was the center of an amazing group hug. Yosuke was the second to last person to join the embrace but that’s okay. In that moment I closed my eyes and I was grateful for all of their friendships, and it was more than enough, even Yosuke’s.
Far too soon Yukiko’s phone beeped. “Ah I have to get back to the inn, a couple of the staff are sick.” We all understood, nodding. She came over and kissed my cheek, knowing it was my last night in town. Her face was covered in a deep blush but she looked proud of it. “Thank you for making time to visit, Senpai. Come back soon, there’s always a free room for you at the inn.” Shortly after she left, Naoto announced that she had to study and was heading soon. Kanji scrambled to get up and offered to walk her home. With red faces, the new couple walked away from the group, shyly holding hands. I’m grateful at least someone had a happy ending. It was close to a completely dark sky when Rise stood, kissing me on the forehead and wishing me well with her idol smile. “Till next time, Souji-san.”
Chie stood shortly after, ready to leave. “Oh, I nearly forgot. Yukiko and I are dating.” She said it with a deep blush and I laughed. “I am very happy for you Chie.” I admire her ability to be honest. And to my surprise, Yosuke didn’t make any homophobic comments. He was quiet and a bit flushed. “Your courage is awesome Chie.” She nodded gently, smiling proudly at me. “It seems we all got our happy ending.” I nodded at her comment, forcing down the saddened protest that was in my throat. She waved goodbye and then it was only Yosuke and I, sitting in the dark. There was just a bit of light coming from buildings in the distance and I gratefully could still see Yosuke’s face fairly well. “Dude, what’s up with you? Not that I want a girly...

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