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Where Should Sex Be Taught? Essay

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The debate concerning where sex education should be taught seem to be intensifying as days progress. The rift between those who believe that it should be a school obligation to teach the children sex education and those who believe it should be a parent’s duty continues to widen. This paper gives a detailed analysis into this matter to make you more informed and help lessen the heat that surrounds this debate.
Schools are very instrumental for the development of the child. Modern parents are so busy to an extent they do not have time to spend with their children. The economy alone cannot allow them, even if they really want, to have a special time with their children. That being the case, ...view middle of the document...

This is because the teens who have acquired this education in school make decisions that are very informed in all spheres of their lives. In school, the subject of sex education is wholesome and they learn everything concerning the dangers involved in engaging in premarital sex and safe sex, if need be to really have sex. Information is power and schools are the best reliable places where such information is instilled into the young minds. The children are not only taught how to prevent contraction of dire sexual diseases but they are also taught on everything concerning the sex education, which include birth control measures. It is analogous to learning English or any other subject where you get to learn everything concerning that subject. Teen pregnancies reduce with increased exposure of sex education taught in school because it is comprehensive. With teen’s pregnancies reducing, this means that the government spending on funding teenage mothers reduces and thus the benefits attached to this enlightenment are incredible.
Another reason that approves school as the best place for teaching sex education is that in school, there is accountability. Instructors teach what they can stand for all the time. In addition, the tutors are trained on how to approach the children from all aspects thus, teaching the little ones this complex subject is pretty easier for the teachers than it would be for anybody else. Because of the training the teachers have undergone, they help simplify the subject and break it down to a level that any grader can understand. This training also helps eliminate any kind of hardness that might exist between a child and other untrained person discussing the same topic. The instructor is a professional and thus handling this matter calls for application of all professional ethics.
The society today has really transformed and the family unit is no longer as it used to be before. A good number of families are single parent and the parent happens to be raising children of the opposite sex. Giving sex education to such children is quit challenging for that particular parent and thus schools have come aid of such a parent. Schools have instructors of all genders who can handle sex education for whatever gender.
Timing has always been a challenging thing whenever it comes to disseminating information about sex to children. There is always a presumption that it is too early to introduce the topic to the young ones and thus inconveniences have resulted because that has not always been achieved. In this regard, you find that schools present an opportunity for everything to be standard across the entire spectrum. Curriculum is developed by government authorities and this includes the sex education curriculum. That means when children reach a certain class, which is appropriate to their age, they are introduced to sex education that is deemed fit for that level. As they advance, more and more continue to be added on what they learnt in...

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