Where The Grickle Grass Grows Essay

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There once was a young boy who went to visit the Once-ler, who lived at the far end of town where the Grickle grass grows. Every now and then he would tell the stories of the Bar-ba-loots in their bar-ba-loot suits, Swomee swans singing their songs, Hummingfish humming and swimming in the pond, but most importantly the Truffula Trees swaying in the wind. One day the Once-ler stumbled upon a truffula tree and decided that the leaves of the trees were so soft that they would make the perfect fabric for this Thneeds, so he chopped one down and out sprang the Lorax, He speaks for the trees. Soon the Once-ler had started clear-cutting the Truffula Trees causing a shortage on Truffula fruit, and ...view middle of the document...

Water Pollution, as demonstrated in the movie can cause a lot of damage with point-source and nonpoint-source. Point-source being pollution from a single source and nonpoint is from many sources so it is hard to identify where it is coming from. In the Lorax there was point-source because it was just coming from the Once-lers factory. It also could have been thermal pollution which is caused by the change in water normally from factories use water to cool the plants and then re pump it into a river or lake and the water is above the normal water temperature causing many fish to die. This would disrupt the food chain and cause overpopulation of specific fish. There could also be a large buildup of pollutants which is biomagnification, with biomagnification the larger animals on the food chain.
Air Pollution has two different types; Primary Pollutants, pollutants put directly in the air by human activity which is what happens in the Lorax. The other way is Secondary Pollutants which happens when primary react with either other primary pollutants or water vapors. Smog is pollution that hangs over uburn area and reduces visibility, this can be caused by temperature inversion. Temperature inversion is when the air above is warmer than the air below trapped the pollution...

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