Where The Roman Authorities Justified In Claiming That The Campaign Of 43ad Was A Brilliant Success

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Where the Roman Authorities Justified in Claiming that the Campaign of 43ad was a Brilliant successThe roman emperor Claudius was the successor to the tyrannical ruler Caligula. The imperial guard murdered Caligula because they had had enough of his wicked ways. When Claudius heard this, he cowered behind a curtain in the upper room of the palace because he feared for his life. A guard found him behind the curtain and he was taken away and crowned the emperor of Rome. Because Claudius was crowned in such a comic manner, many citizens did not respect him also Claudius suffered from many physical ailments such as stammer and an uncontrollable action, which forced him to run at the nose when he got angry. Claudius needed the favour of his people if he wanted a good reign. In ancient Rome, the best way to win favour was to have a successful foreign policy. Claudius knew this so he decided to invade Britain, it seemed like it was going to be an easy quick victory.Claudius went to visit Britain in person in 43AD he was absent form Rome for a total of 6 months. He only spent a total of 16 days in Britain. In Rome Claudius' long absence and his visit to Britain gave the impression of a superb and well deserved triumph. Claudius hurried back to Rome after his visit. Claudius sent news ahead of his victories through his sons-in-laws Magnus and silanius. To credit his supposed victory Claudius got the submission of the British kings. The submission he received was from the British chieftains but he changed it to kings because a king sounds like more of a worthy opponent. Claudius was hailed as a victorious general or imperator by his troops in Britain.When the senate learnt of his success the senate credited Claudius with many accomplishments. As an ancient Roman equivalent to publicity stunt the senate awarded Claudius a triumph in Rome. This was a very elaborate thing and this gave the people an impression that the victory was great and greatly deserved. The title of Britannicus was awarded to both Claudius and hid son. Claudius did not use this name much but his son was known as Britannicus.Two commemorative arches were constructed to commemorate the great victory. The arches were erected by the senate and the roman citizens in honour of Claudius' triumphs by the expanding the lands of Rome also he was the first emperor to bring foreign lands across the ocean under the control of the Roman Empire. The arches were built in Rome and the other was built in Gaul at the port where Claudius had set sail for Britain. The arch was also inscribed with a record of Claudius' successes. Just to finish off the whole elaborate farce special commemorative coins were struck so that everyone will remember the special occasion.In the field of war (Campus Martius) situated in Rome a re-enactment of the battle called a tableau was staged. This mock battle depicted the sack of a town and the formal surrender of the British kings.Looking at these events it is clear that...

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