Where The World Began Where Did Your World Started? Did Your World Start Right After You Were Born? Or Did It Start At Some Point You Came To Realize?

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It is a city filled with wonder and dreams; a city stitched into a pattern of hundreds of cultures; a city both complicated and simple; a city that shines like a bright northern star. This astonishing place is called Toronto. This is where I set roots after I got off the giant silver bird, under a borderless sky, and where my dreams I hope, will soar. Such a fantastic place it is, with beautiful scenery throughout the seasons, so many people wanting to help and join hands with each other, whatever their colour happens to be. It is this city of Toronto that opened my eyes, my mind, and where my world truly began.My memory of the city started in an ocean of dazzling colourful lights that spread almost endlessly over the land. That was my first impression, — the glamorous Toronto night filling my whole sight. I arrived during the summer, the period when Toronto is embedded in vitality. White dandelions danced with the wind and the colour of green — grass yards, bushes, trees and gardens which covered every part of the city. The wild animals became energetic, squirrels jumping on trees, birds flying in crowds, and raccoons running in people’s backyards. Then autumn falls, changing from green into multi colours — pines still green, maple leaves burning red and others dyed yellow, all put together to form an unique picture only Toronto can offer. Along the shore of Lake Ontario, the inverted image of autumn reflects in the clear blue water and mirrors into peoples’ eyes, resulting in a feeling of peace. In winter, snowflakes descend from the sky, like a playful child and hide the ground under its white quilt. People sweep the snow on road asides, so it often form hills on the side of the street where little children climb up and down or have a snowball fight. After that the spring came again, melting the snow into little streams flowing down the road. The grass awakens, begins to turn green and grows again. Flowers bloom in pinks, whites, rose coloured, releasing their beauty all at once after a year’s silence. After that the pedals fall to the ground, spreading themselves in a range of colours along the way.Located near our house is a park with a tennis court. During the summer, my friends and I went there and spent hot afternoons with racquets and flying yellow balls. Sometimes we met other tennis players, having seen our lame skills who, come over to us and instruct us on how to play better. I have met so many incredible warm people who...

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