Where To Make Ultimate Gains In Food Storage?

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M. Markel, author of the article Histories of Product Regulations: Food Standards Under the 1938 Food, Drug, and C. A.: Bread and Jam supports the use of standards for product regulation, shelf-life and food storage expectations. He explains that “By 1957, Standards had been set for many varieties of products, yet in 1954, hearing procedures were modified to waive hearings in undisputed cases. The hearings to set standards best illustrates the new complexities. FDA officials had a saying based on years of regulatory work that anyone with a new food additive of ingredients tried it first in bread.” Although the FDA continues to regulate all food productions, specific food storage methods that provide additional shelf life remain the most essential aspect because during the history of food storage little to no development has occurred, because the development of bread as a food commodity made proper storage imperative, because the issues of bread shelf life occurs when bread is not stored in the right conditions, because regulations of food storage now proposed new regulations to food storage since the current shelf life of bread does not last long if it is not stored in the appropriate conditions, and because research in extending food storage shows that proper storage extends shelf life.
Bread is good for us because it contains many carbohydrates (Lohman 1). People started making bread more than 30,000 years ago (Lohman 1). However, prehistoric men were the first people to start baking bread (Lohman 1). They also made gruel, which is a mixture of water and grains cooked on heated rocks (Lohman 1). People took the Prehistoric men’s gruel idea and changed some factors (Lohman 1). White bread was sold as a whole loaf hundreds of years ago (Lohman 1). Back then, when people cut into it, thick slices were more appropriate for men/ workers (Lohman 1). Small, thin slices were for all women and children (Lohman 1). The crust was also removed (Lohman 1).
Humanity made three innovations to turn the gruel into “modern” bread (Lohman 1). The first innovation was Leavening, which is used to help make bread light and fluffy (Lohman 1). Flatbread is made without leavening (this is why the bread is flat) (Lohman 1). Yeast is the most common leavening in bread (Lohman 1). Egyptians used yeast (leavening) around the early 4000 B.C. (Lohman 1). When yeast is used, bread becomes lighter and airier because the yeast produces bubbles inside (Lohman 1). Sugars begin to be eaten by the yeast when baking bread (Lohman 1). Bakers in Ancient Egypt first used yeast around 300 B.C. (Lohman). The second innovation was Refined Flour (Lohman 1). Around about 800 B.C., Mesopotamians started refining this process (Lohman 1). The earliest whole-wheat grain was ground up by hand with rocks (Lohman 1). People then bleached the flour itself to get the pre white color everyone wants (Lohman 1). The third important innovation was Mechanized slicing (Lohamn 1). Otto Rohwedder...

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