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Where Are They? Essay

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The rhythmic scratch and slap of leather sole on concrete made me look out at the sidewalk outside the cafe. The man, dressed in black. I clutched the package in his pocket. Should I run I thought, maybe the man didn't she me. The man motioned for me to come outside. I turned and ran but he was there, the man was everywhere. I couldn't hide, I couldn't run. There was only one thing to do, destroy the package.

It was a bright november day. The trees were blowing in the wind sending leaves scattering. All of a sudden Bang! It came from the front door. I rushed over to see a hole in my door. As I examined it there was another loud bang. As my window shattered, I realized what was happening. As a retired Navy Seal my training kicked in. I hit the ground hard a layed still. The shooting stopped. I was still in shock. When I finally came to my senses I opened the door a leaned outside. There was no one there. I looked around. No one. But there was something. Their was a box there. This was not just a box. It was unmarked. I took one more look around then brought the box inside. I began to pull of the packaging. Underneath it there was Box that was sealed shut. It had in big red letters the word MAXON. Under neath it was a letter. I opend it. It read, CONFIDENTIAL. Beneeth it was Sent by MAXON. Maxon is the leading oil company of the US. It is rivals with Empire Oil. You have been selected as a retired Seal to protect the contest of this package.

I stowed the package behind my bed in my bedroom and went to bed. I could not sleep. I was twisting and turning when I relized something. Why would I sleep in my own house after what just happened? Well where eles could i go? I wonderd.
I got out of bed and picked up the box. I decided that I would not be very safe here at my home and decided to take it somewhere. I looked around outside then walked to my car. I than put the package in the seat next to me. I figured that it would be safer with me then at my house where it could be stolen. I also figured that scince it was only 5 pm that I could get some coffee. I than started the car and was about to pull out of the driveway when I froze. Something had moved. I slowly turned around only to see nothing. I then left but I couldn't help but feel as if i was being watched.

As I arived at the cafe, I realized something. I couldn't take the package in with me. It was just too big. So i did what any logical person would do. I opened the box. Inside was a small package. I slipped it into my pocket and walked inside the i sat down
I heard something. A rhythmic scratch and slap of leather sole on concrete made me look out at the sidewalk outside the cafe. There was a man there. For some reason this made me feel uncomferable. The man was dressed in black wearing sunglasses and a suit. I clutched the package in his pocket. Should I run I thought, maybe the man didn't see me. The man motioned for me to come outside. I turned and ran but he was there, the...

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