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Where Would Someone Look To Find Information On Natural Health News And S Scientific Discoveries?

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The U.S. Department of Justice website is seemingly more logical for those who want to know information the U.S. Government has backed by government funds. Websites on the internet which are privately funded and ran by concerned citizens of the U.S. might be more appealing to those thinking outside of the box. These sites do not have any government affiliation or funding and are free to research and give information they deem valuable. In looking for sites which disprove many of the government studies one is dominant in a google search, the Natural News website. This website is made possible by a concerned citizen who has created a website to expose the truth about what is and isn’t healthy through their own scientific research. This site is easily navigable and has zero pop-ups compared to other sites of similar nature. Mike Adams is the founder and operator of this extensive website and he has an impressive background according to his biography. The Natural News website is not completely credible according to Mike Adams, which he states in articles and videos warning consumers to always question everything in life and especially credibility of sources. Overall, the website is appealing to the eye and consists of studies done by natural science, it is easy to navigate and has a humorous side to it also.
The Natural News homepage is appealing in color, a blue tone accompanied by a white border it is not drastic with dark hues or boring with neutral colors, it is just right. The page itself is fairly easy to navigate with two main toolbars that can take you to articles, blogs, science discoveries, reports, video to pages with more specific information on the website and the workings of it. Articles on the homepage are separated into categories on top headlines, featured blogs, videos and even reference information. Like other pages this website has a Facebook page and as of April 6, 2014 it received 1,140,328 likes. Natural News is unlike the U.S. Department of Justice website which is more serious in nature with black coloring throughout the entire site and consisting of colorless pdf files that display research evaluations done with government funds.
Natural News is very well put together it is not only easy to use, but it does not take long to search for information when put into its search engine. The search engine is at some defect though because it is powered by google. Some may or may not prefer this search engine as some may be more accustomed to other search engines. This search gives results in seconds and is one of the fastest search engines I have ever used. The pages load quickly and time is not wasted waiting for a page to think about loading. Content is not interrupted by pop-ups and appeals to the readers rather than having to overload its pages with ads from outside sources.
The credibility of this website is attributed to the 20 writers and researchers who publish up to 15...

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