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Where You Live Influences Health And Well Being

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Social science has proven that where you live can influence your health and well-being in either a positive or negative way. Living in poverty and growing up in a deprived neighbourhood has a direct link to various social problems such as a lack of employment opportunities, poor housing conditions, educational problems, lack of amenities, and not feeling safe in your neighbourhood. These disparities are especially prevalent amongst minority communities due to their lower socioeconomic status (CDC), and are happening in our own community. Therefore, I propose that we as a group volunteer our time to raise awareness, combat the negative effects of poverty with the use of outreach and advocacy schemes, and be aware of the possible opposition so that we can be better equipped to deal with it.
Throughout Dayton, Ohio there are numerous poor, disadvantage neighbourhoods. This has resulted in some serious problems for our community, and has also led to many areas becoming labelled as “dangerous” and “unpleasant”. To illustrate, by even conducting any simple Google search of neighbourhoods in Dayton, the first sites you would encounter would be ones advising people on what areas to completely avoid. To further demonstrate the seriousness of this problem statistics show that the chance of being a victim to either a violent crime or property crime is 1 in 14 in Dayton. Moreover, Dayton, as a community, has one of the highest crime rates throughout all of America, and is one of the top 100 most dangerous cities in America (NeighborhoodScout). Consequently, these findings have resulted in discrimination and segregation towards people living in these neighborhoods, mainly directed towards minority groups such as, African-American or Hispanic since they make up the majority of people living in these areas.
Though issues of discrimination in the U.S.A have been addressed through numerous laws, police, and acts, such as, The Civil Rights Act of 1964, many still claim that minorities continue to face unequal rights and opportunities. To demonstrate, a U.S. Census Bureau in 2011 showed that 28 percent of African Americans living in America live in extreme poverty compared to the 13 percent of white Americans. In addition, minority groups living in America are more likely to face disparities in regards to the following: education, prison sentences, arrests, lower pay, and unemployment (Minority Rights). These issues have real, dangerous implications for young people and can affect them throughout their whole life. Elis Cose, a cultural critic, wrote in a column for USA Today, “Black youngsters are much more likely than whites to be stuck in second-rate schools—or in lower tracks in decent schools—and to face a future of joblessness or marginal employment (Racial Disparities).” Overall, these disparities are highly connected to the unfortunate fact that many live in deprived neighborhoods; and therefore, experience all the social disadvantages that this brings...

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