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Whether Or Not Taiwan Has The Right To Be Autonomous

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Taiwan has a very long history with China in its early years of colonization, and since China gave Taiwan to Japan during the World War II, Taiwan formed an autonomous government and wanted to gain political autonomy from China. The problem considering the autonomy of Taiwan has been around for centuries. On one hand, Taiwanese people claim their land was separated from the Mainland China for a long time and should be reasonable to gain autonomy, while the Chinese government says that Taiwan is still an inseparable part of China and should maintain unified. Many of us are concerned whether Russia has the right to claim Crimea as one of its lands, and the problem between China and Taiwan is similar. There have been discussions in Asia about whether Taiwan has the right to be independent, which is to gain political independence from China, but settling this complicated dispute is not easy. If wrongfully put, the economy of both lands could be harmed, and the worst case would be war between the two lands. Taiwan has the right to be autonomous, but the fact could be that they shouldn’t be autonomous. Speaking from different angles, it would be best if Taiwan can maintain its current relationship with China, if not even closer relationship.

Taiwan was founded by China and had a long history of being governed, but the land was given to Japan during World War II in return of truce and thus has no owner ever since. During World War II, Taiwan rebelled against the ruling of Japanese government, and many say that the idea of Taiwan Independence emerged at that time. After Japan lost the war, the country signed a treaty to return all of its occupied lands, but in the treaty, there was no specific assignment of the belongings of the covered territories. Taiwan was put under the administrative control of the Republic of China (ROC). After the Chinese Civil War, Taiwan was lead by Chiang Chieh-shih and the ROC, but because the government posed martial law for 30 years and persecuted almost 4000 Taiwanese, known as the “White Terror” , people fought against the ruling of the new government and refuse to call themself Chinese. After the government of People’s Republic of China (PRC) came in power, this form of rebellion gradually shifts to the indisposition to being governed by Mainland China. This is the main historical factor behind Taiwan’s attitude towards different regimes, and it clearly states that Taiwan has the right to be autonomous, but the actualization of becoming autonomous may not be their best choice.

From a historical perspective, Taiwan has no official belonging, and it has shifted from one government to another but wasn’t very satisfied with any of them. Therefore if Taiwan believes that they can manage themselves better on their own, they should have all the rights to do so. However, the fact might be that Taiwan shouldn’t be autonomous, and it is more beneficial to maintain the relationship or even develop a better relationship with...

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