Whether Or Not The United States Should Have Free Healthcare Mc Cutcheon Research Paper

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Health Care
What was a dream or even an absurd thought has now become a practical reality. Universal healthcare is spreading in European and Mediterranean culture and is leaking into the United States culture. The United States has bounced around the idea of an improved Medicare system that could eventually lead to universal healthcare or free healthcare.(“Guide to the Healthcare System in England.”)Even though the topic is taboo does not mean that someday it could become a reality. To fully understand it though, people need to look at the history behind this revolution and both sides of the spectrum.
To pinpoint the exact time and date the universal healthcare idea came about would be hard. It was as if the developed power players of the world came up with this idea, but did not do anything about it due to its radical nuances. The United States during the Revolutionary War talked about something with relations to universal healthcare for their Continental Army for after the war but in never came into fruition. From then on the United States had roots of almost being a nation with healthcare close to universal healthcare. In the United Kingdom the National Health Service(Chang)was founded under Winston Churchill to provide Universal healthcare to the people of the UK. the National Health Service is for the people in the public sector who live in the United Kingdom. Before this came about health insurance was only for the upper class society of the United Kingdom and was hard to get for anybody else.(Grosios,et al) After that in 1911 David Lloyd George came up with the National Insurance Act which was funded by taking a part of a worker's wages and in turn they were entitled to free healthcare. Nothing changed much until after World War II when people realized they could spruce up the system a bit. That’s when the United Kingdom decided to head in the route of Universal healthcare. They came up with a system that the United Kingdom thought would work so they stuck with it. A tripartite( shared by three parties) system was adopted, split by hospital services, primary care, and Community Services.(Spicker, Paul) Everything was going good with a little tweak here and there until 1974. In 1974 the three parties involved with current system at the time started to dispute with one another. So the laws were changed and now the responsibility to preside over these three areas was handed to the local authorities. Since then the system has not really changed drastically and the United Kingdom is fine with it, it has remained until today.
There are multiple advantages of having universal healthcare in the United States. By implementing universal health care we can vastly reducing power players in the healthcare system trying to game people into things they don’t need and exhorting them because of their ignorance. Corruption is really bad in the current healthcare system in the United States,with low income families thinking their getting a fair deal but when...

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