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Whether Your For Or Against That Failure Can Lead To A More Interesting And Better Life

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On May 13, 2010, a very dear friend of mine was in a fatal car accident on his way to school. His name was Andrew; He was 17 years old, a junior in high school that also played a lineman position for the football team. His death was tragic; not just to me, but to our entire community. As well as the other communities that surrounded ours. After his death my state of mind was different. I started not to care and eventually I didn’t care. Because of my not caring I started failing, and not long after I quit high school. I worked at a fast food place for a while after quitting school and then I realized, I was a failure I did not want to work at a fast food place the rest of my life. But I had ...view middle of the document...

Therefore failure is making the person work hard to achieve something as well as learn from the failure. It teaches you to appreciate the achievements and to overcome the failures.
Failure also functions as a stepping stones in life that is necessary if one wants to know success. All of ones failures are what one must overcome in order to succeed. If one does not overcome these failures, success will not be an option. Each failure is one stepping stone, when an individual overcomes one of their failures, they have crossed over one more stepping stone and they are one step closer to succeeding. Therefore failures are an individual’s stepping stone to overcome in life so they will end up where they are supposed to be. Without failure in life one will not change or do anything differently because there is nothing to make one feel like they need to. Failure is what makes one change and do things differently.
Failure is how individuals learn experience and lessons in life. Failures make an individual see their mistake and then find a way to...

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