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Which Age Should Be The Minimum Wage For Drinking

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Minimum Drinking Age
The issue of which age should be the minimum drinking age has been one full of controversy. This is an issue that has been debated for a long time without people really coming to an agreement with regard to what age is to be considered as the minimum drinking age. As much as many are debating on the reasons as to why the minimum drinking age limit should not be lowered, the focus of this argumentative essay is to bring out the debate of why the minimum drinking age should be lowered (Wechsler& Toben, 2010).
With most places having an average of 21 years of the minimum drinking age, my proposal is that the minimum ages limit to be lowered to 18 years. This of course ...view middle of the document...

I believe that given an opportunity by legalizing their age, and then they would do it in moderation (Carpenter & Dobkin, 2011).
In order to curb the issue of alcohol abuse among those below the minimum age limit, I propose for the minimum age limit to be lowered. Introducing drinking at a relatively earlier age can do this. This can be demonstrated in families with of course mature and responsible adults who consume alcohol responsibly and in moderation. In doing it this way, the young people watching are in a position to learn that there is nothing cool about taking alcohol like it is being banned tomorrow.
According to Carpenter and Carlos (2011), it is of great importance that the minimum drinking age be reviewed and adjusted to a lower age of about 18 years. This in itself would assist in reducing the dangers of drinking excessively. It would be unreasonable not to agree with this fact. This is because it is clear that the prohibited things are the ones that seem fun to engage in. Once made legal, the young people previously prohibited from drinking see it as a normal thing and just do it in a responsible manner and at a moderate rate. For this reason, my stand still remains that the minimum age limit for drinking should be lowered.
Another reason as to why I still insist that the minimum drinking age should be lowered is owing to the fact that these people in the bracket of being controlled from drinking have been given other rights, which I would consider far more sensitive than the issue of drinking. For instance, an 18 year old has been given a right to marry, vote or even serve in the military. Surely, if these were trusted with such crucial matters, what harm would lower the minimum age limit for drinking do? This according to me is very ironical and as a matter of fact, I would rate it as a denial to basic respect for the individuals in question. Consider the case of a newly married couple aged 18 that is denied to take champagne on their wedding day simply because they fall below the minimum age limit for drinking. This according to me is absurd in that how can the law allow them the responsibility of marrying if it does not have faith in the fact that they can regulate the amount of alcohol they consume and even take it in moderation.
Another reason that makes me to advocate for the minimum drinking limit to be lowered is due to the fact that there has been an earlier attempt to enforce laws prohibiting alcohol intake among the young people or those below the minimum drinking age limit which have backfired. In the past, enforcing such laws has been seen to give reverse results in that the drinking tendency among those in the illegal bracket was on the rise. This is because the minute one who is prohibited lays his or her hands on alcohol; he or she takes it to high levels of intoxication since they have no idea when else this will happen. However, the case would be different if there were no prohibiting laws and hence there...

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