What Are The Alternative Products That May Attempt To Improve The Sustainability Of Tourism And The Limitations There May Have?

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CASE STUDYTopic:Sustainability has become a fashionable term with respect to tourism development and operation. What are the alternative products that may attempt to improve the sustainability of tourism and what are the limitations there may have.Review these challenges facing a destination of your choice and their options to diversify their markets and change their products in the future.Collect articles which may be for or against the development.Prepare a report on the feasibility of tourism development in that area.Name: Le Ha PhuongFIN: G0625878LPhone no.: 98872776Lecturer: Mr. Patrick LohSubmission date: 12th Sept, 08ContentSection Page numberI.IntroductionII.Sustainability2.1.Definition of sustainable tourism2.2.Sustainable tourism development2.3.The reflection and scope of sustainable tourismIII.Alternative tourism products3.1.Accommodation3.2.Transportation3.3.Tour Operators3.4.Visitor Attractions3.5.Retail Travel3.6.DestinationManagementIV.SentosaReferences34455I.IntroductionAs the world changes very fast day by day, people tend to work harder and that leads to their requirements of good services for relaxing afterwards. Tourism starts to grow rapidly from this situation.In tourism, the tourism destination plays a crucial role in satisfying customer demand. The destination, in which attracts them with its "pull" factor the most combining with arrange of support resources - accommodations, amenities, accessibility and the general services as well as beauty spots that are available, will be the winner.Tourism has three impacts - environmental, economic and socio-cultural so it is very tough to control and balance these impacts in order to have a sustainable tourism development.I.Sustainability1.Definition of sustainable tourismButler (1991) defines environmentally sustainable tourism as: "a form of tourism that supports the ecological balance", suggesting a working definition of sustainable development in the context of tourism as: tourism which is developed and maintained in an area in such a manner and at such a scale that it remains viable over a period and does not degrade or alter the environment.In short, "sustainable tourism" is a fashionable term; many people have defined this term. Some common definitions are:-Sustainable tourism in its purest sense is an industry committed to making a low impact on the natural environment and local culture, while helping to generate income and employment for locals. (2007)-Sustainable tourism is about protecting and enhancing the natural environment and resources for future generations, whilst at the same time ensuring long-term economic and socio-cultural benefits.-Sustainable tourism is tourism that produces economic advantages, in addition to maintaining environmental diversity and quality, thus combining conservation with economic development (Wild, 1994)2.Sustainable tourism developmentThe Bruntland Report introduced the concept of sustainable development, defining as "development that...

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