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What Are The Ccauses Of Not Getting Enough Of Sleep?

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Snooze more than less
Think of what people normally do in their daily lives; two important aspects of our lives are simply sleeping and eating. Between these two necessary routines, healthy sleeping habits are just as important as a healthy diet. However, teenagers don’t give it much thought. It turns out that inadequate rest can impair many aspects of their lives; as a result teenagers really need to figure out a way to improve their sleeping habits from now on.
American teenagers remain ignorant about the amount of time they spend on sleeping, and they never realize its critical role and the hazards of not getting enough of it. An article in the health magazine Prevention states that 60% of American high school students feel tired during the day and 15% report falling asleep at school (Van Tine). This is not a fake statistic; on the contrary, this is exactly what is happening in normal high schools. But what is the criterion for daily sleeping time? Prevention magazine also gives a series of statistics that are astounding. Students aged 7-10 need at least 9 hours of sleep and students aged 12+ need at least 8 ½ hours of sleep (Van Tine). Since students pay no attention to it, instead of going to bed by 10 p.m., they tend to kid around, chat online, or simply do nothing. But no matter what, they are just not falling asleep. As time goes by, sleep loss is becoming the most potential killer who puts those kids’ health at risk, and this type of risk is not that easily compensated by sleeping more on weekends in a short period of time.
What are the causes of not getting enough of sleep? For those diligent students, is “using up time studying” the only cause for it? For those lazy students, is “playing video game” the only cause which leads to it? The answer might be “no” sometimes. According to American Educator 2013, one of the most convincing educational journals, 6 causes of sleep deprivation come onto the surface. Caffeine, late shows, high-tech devices, a clock-driven lifestyle, lack of communication with family, and lack of encouragement from parents can contribute to a teen’s lack of sleep (Willingham). Everything happening during the day plays a certain role in people’s mind and activity; it includes eating habits, family connections, or just what holds you in a either positive or negative way. Everybody is supposed to know the side effects of not getting enough sleep since its harms would always appear during the next couple days. But in the meantime, why don’t those teenagers’ find a way out of this sleep-deprivation trap? The answer is, still, they have no idea how significantly it harms their system.
This disruption will eventually impair the brain’s ability to learn. Sleep-deprived teenagers, to some extent, show decreased ability to concentrate, make decisions, and participate in social activities (Willingham). It is important to know that “sleep-deprived children are behaviorally similar to the children with ADHD in some ways...

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