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What Are The Effects Of Acid Rain On Germination?

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What are the Effects of Acid Rain on Germination

What are the Effects of Acid Rain on Germination?


The purpose of this experiment was to determine the effect� of acid on seed germination.

I became interested in this idea because I know that� acid rain is becoming� a factor in pollution around the world.� I know this from books I've studied and news articles I�ve read.

The information gained from this experiment may warn people that acid rain can affect� seed germination.� Perhaps will show people that they need to reduce the amount of acid that is released into the atmosphere.


My hypothesis is that the percentage of seeds that germinate will decrease as the amount of acid added to the water during germination time increases.

I base my hypothesis on the following quote from Microsoft Encarta 98: "Forest lakes, ponds, and other terrestrial and aquatic environments throughout the world are being severely damaged by the effects of acid rain." And other News Articles that I�ve read.


The constants in this study were:

������� The amount of acid solution used

������� The type of carrot seeds

������� The type of acid

������� The type and size of milk carton

������� The size of and type of paper towels

������� The length of germination time

������� The amount of light

������� The temperature of germination environment

The manipulated variable was the concentration of the acid solution.

The responding variable was the percentage of plant seeds that germinated in fourteen days.

To measure the responding variable the number of carrot seeds that germinated were controlled to determine the percentage of the total. My definition of germination is when s green stem appears from the seed.



Item Description


Carrot Seeds (packaged)


Roll of 29 1/2 cm X 23 1/2 cm plastic wrap


Roll of 27 1/2 cm X 23 1/2 cm paper towel


Containers of Acid Rain� pH solution of H20 and nitric acid


Graduated Cylinder


Glass canning jars ( 1 Quart)


1.� Take two 27 1/2 X 23 1/2 cm paper towels and tear at perforated line.
2. Tear one sheet of plastic wrap that is 29 1/2 X 23 1/2 cm.
3. Take one 1/2 gallon milk carton and cut the top of it off.
4. Make sure to wash the carton thoroughly with antibacterial soap and rinse well.
5. Measure out 500 ml. of water and pour into the clean milk carton.
6. Count 100 carrot seeds.
7. Lightly dampen the two paper towels.
8. Sure that they are both wet to the touch.
9. Place the 100...

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