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Which College Will Be Best For Me?

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One of the biggest decisions a person has to make throughout their life is which college they want to go to, to start their lives out of high school. My big decision is if I should go to Beauty School, or Nursing School; there are many things that I need to consider when making my decision. I need to consider tuition and financial aid for both Beauty School, and Nursing school. I also need to take into consideration any organizations that Nursing school might have to offer since the courses are a little more difficult. The last thing I need to think about is what does the future hold for me in these areas of study? What kind of jobs will I get or what kind of living will I make? I also want to share some fun facts that I think are pretty interesting. These are the most important things that I need to think about when making my decision in what school I want to go to and would suit me best.
Ever since I was a little girl I have always love hair and makeup; It’s always been a passion of mine. I can remember getting in trouble for getting into my moms nail polish and getting it all over my hands because i just wanted to paint my nails. I would also have girls days with my mom here and there and we would do each others hair and makeup and have dress-up contests and model down a makeshift runway. The first time I had realized I wanted to go to beauty school was when I entered sixth grade at Northlawn Junior High. It was the first year my mom actually let me do my makeup for school and I loved it. I was so sure of what I wanted to do until two years later when my baby brother Brock was born.
My baby brother Brock was born my eighth grade year in middle school, but there were a lot of complications. Brock was born six weeks early by emergency C-section because the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck and my mom had a kidney infection and was becoming septic. When Brock was born he weighed two pounds and eleven ounces; he was immediately flown to the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) at St. Francis hospital in Peoria Illinois. Two weeks later he was being intubated for a trach because he was diagnosed with Tracheal and Bronchial Malaysia which is when the airway and the bronchioles collapse and cut off the airway. That is when I started thinking about being a NICU nurse. Going throughout life day by day for the past three and a half years not knowing if my baby brother would live or not is one of the hardest things I have ever had to go through. It has also made me want to help babies just like Brock. The set back that I have for being a NICU nurse though, is what if I can’t help or save a baby’s life? It would kill me emotionally and mentally if I had to go through losing a baby that I had grown so close to.
This is why I have been having such a hard time trying to decide if I should go to Nursing School, or Beauty School. Now is the time that I need to take control and analyze the situation; I nee to take many things into consideration...

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