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Which Election Card Form Should I Fill In Case Of Objection On Inclusion Of A Name In The Voter List?

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Voter list is the periphery in which whole of the voter force is documented. Each and every legitimate voter should surely be included in this essential exhaustive list because an entry in this roll is the very first step towards a free and fair election. At the same time this electoral roll should be kept away from all the possible errors and hence efforts should be made by the authorities as well as the citizens to keep this essential account of voter force as much away from discrepancies as it is possible.

All of us use Voter ID card forms to serve our own interests like registering into the voter list, issuing of voter id card, correction of electoral details or checking the voter id card status etc. Apart from serving the self interests it could easily be said that these election forms also serve the best interests of the democracy too. Although these voter id card applications enable us to keep ourselves into the activity prone area of the democracy and participate in the affairs like elections and debates to a large extent, these voter id card form could also serve the purpose of making the election fairer and relatively error less.

One such way in which election card forms could enable the electoral system to work in a better manner is when the voters or citizens use forms like Form No. 7.

Form No. 7 is an election card form which could help keep the electoral roll away from discrepancies and errors. Hence removing any possible biasedness that may be present in such voter lists.

What is Form No.7?

It is voter id card application that works opposite to form no. 6 in terms of course of action. Whereas Form No. 6 helps a voter to include his name in the voters’ list at the same time Form No. 7 is used by the voters if they have an objection about the entry or inclusion of a name into the voters’ list or electoral roll.

Therefore the next time you think of your own registration and check your own voter id card...

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