Which Features Will Lead To Success In Life

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I found a correlation study discusses the different personality traits for success in life (or alternatively "understanding of life "or "street smarts ") and builds a diagram where the size of the circle represents the importance of each seems such feature in general. About how certain situations coordinate with various features, our trends will be discussed later. For example, a person who has integrity should be a well-organized thoughts. They should be able to make a consistent effort and the things that are important to their values ​, and respond quickly to any challenge, and Shellacking be " Are you able to be organized ?"A person who wants to achieve something not enjoy anxiety even ...view middle of the document...

Here are some important values ​​you can choose to cultivate success in life.

IQ: The ability to identify similarities , differences and identities are well defined, the state Mancini which has all the data , or to recognize that there is not enough data to draw logical conclusions based on the assumption that the data are correct. It depends on finding the right context. Most people would agree that the measurement of this ability is a combination of precision and speed. Most intelligence tests are a time limit, which examine decision-making skills under pressure as in life there are problems taken care of. However, as a test puts a heavy focus on the time limit compared with that measured no absolute limit, which starts measuring integrity and not through the ability to make clear under pressure. The GMAT test is a good example, have to do all the questions in order and you cannot go back and change your answers later if you have time, so they need to make many decisions of value, which makes it very suitable management believes IQ potential together. IQ is interested and predict things.

Emotional empathy : the ability to capture the various emotions and understand how to motivate those feelings and affect the behavior of individuals or groups affected, since perception is intellectual or feels. This greater capacity , more accurate data provided IQ. A person with high emotional empathy, but with low IQ can easily solve simple emotional problems, even very complex situations, such as leadership in politics, which require both, and feel Slhslmot of the group as well. Various combinations give rise to different motivations, emotions and outcomes. It is a skill and judgment, and is especially important in leadership. Feel emotional empathy and watching old behavior individuals.

Integrity : the ability to maintain a person's skills and deal with stress ... Be whole and healthy. For example, hull integrity would be lost if it would interfere pier and Ilk bl crack, but adding dock bumper action which effectively prevented the loss of integrity of the hull, and increase the integrity of the entire Charming ship. For a man, it requires above all an honest self-assessment of the potential threats (physical and mental), the defenses available, and the organization and practice Slhmzv Shiszmn quick response to ensure protections available when the threat increases. Some of the skills included under the umbrella of the integrity of both the ability to make quick decisions under pressure, or be able to retrieve the information quickly and accurately. Integrity is often true to say getting red is soft keeps his promises, and it's true that if a man does not keep his promises, which damages the credibility or programs that are honestly assess their strengths and weaknesses, of integrity. The main result will be decreased integrity of the different expressions of fear, protection available, resulting in a higher likelihood of doing what the judges of the...

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