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Which Gender Does Better On A First Year Level Of College?

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AbstractThe purpose of the present study was to analyze and observe the academic performance among females and males. Student's grades were investigated in this experiment to determine which gender performed better academically. One class of Psychology 100 students were used in the study. The data was derived from three tests and one Christmas exam that were given to students in Psychology 100. The scores from the tests were calculated to obtain the overall averages of males and females to distinguish which gender performed better academically. Averages were determined among males and females while a class average was calculated overall. The hypothesis was that female students perform better academically over male students. The hypothesis was not confirmed. The results are discussed in relation to academic performance between male and female students.The purpose of the present study was to determine whether males or females perform different academically. The experiment tested one class of Psychology 100. It illustrated the student's averages by gender and gave an overall class average from each test issued. It also gave an overall class average by gender for each tests and the one exam. The data was restricted to students who wrote all three tests and the Christmas exam. The study was performed to determine which gender performed better academically. Females scored higher in all three tests and overall had a higher class average. The hypothesis for the present study is that females will perform better academically as opposed to malesIn previous work carried out by the Christchurch School of Medicine, a study was conducted based on academic performance. A sample size of 1,110 to as low as 784 was drawn out from the population of Christchurch born children. When males and females were assessed, it was found that male students performed poorly in application of number compared to female students. The students were assessed using standardized tests including measures of word recognition, reading comprehension, mathematical reasoning and scholastic ability. From the analysis it was found that females achieved better over males. However, differences in academic achievement could not be explained by gender differences since girls and boys had similar IQ tests scores. Male achievement was lower then females due to gender related differences in the classroom since males were more likely to be disruptive and inattentive as opposed to females. (PsycINFO Database Record © 2000) The Psychology class performed the experiment testing this theory by taking the grades of three tests and one Christmas exam to analyze the results to determine whether female students or male students performed better academically. The hypothesis for the present study is that female students will produce better grades.MethodParticipantsThe participants consisted of one class of Psychology 100 students at St. Francis Xavier University. The variables included three tests and one...

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