Which Invention Has Had The Greatest Effect On Our Lives In The Last Two Hundred Years? Give Reasons For Your Answers.

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The 19th and 20th centuries are very rich about inventions that changed our lives. The automobile is one of those inventions changed people's lives. Short after its invention automobile became a necessity in daily life more than being luxury or a symbol of nobility. Today the numbers of cars are close to half of earth's population. Almost every family in developed countries owns a car. The automobile has had the greatest effects on our lives in last two hundred years because it is a necessity, it has an important effect on the world economy and it affects our lives directly.There are some reasons why automobiles become a necessity in today's life which of those reasons are being the cheapest, fastest and easiest way to travel when compared against other inventions like planes, ships or trains. Before the invention of automobiles humanity used to travel with domestic animals, which cause more expanses than, cars do in today's conditions. A traveler has to pay great amounts of money to travel from one town to another to the animals' owner also if someone owns his own animal it will probably costs much more because he has to feed and look after that animal. Even today when compared against planes, ships or trains; the automobile is still the cheapest way to travel. The automobile is also the fastest way to travel when compared to old traveling methods. For example horse back riding from France to Germany will take months while driving the same distance with a car will take a day or less. The last important thing that made automobile a necessity is it's being the easiest way of traveling and transportation. Traveling with automobiles gives people freedom of going wherever they want; only thing they have to do is to have wish of going and the money to afford an automobile's expanses. The automobile gives a freedom of traveling which other traveling methods do not offer. Trains are limited with the rails whereas planes are also limited with aerostations but cars can reach everywhere roads reach and even far. Today automobile is a necessity like sleeping or eating. The busses people go their work with, the lorries that people transport their goods, the ambulances that saves people's lives and lots uncountable more examples there are which shows us how necessary automobiles are. As a result a necessity is something that affects people's lives deeply. Without cars it will be impossible to the things we do in daily life like traveling, transporting and reaching.Another important point that makes the automobile effect on people's life is its effect on world economy with the automobile industry and its subsidiary industries like car accessories. Today almost every developed country's economy is based on the automobile industry while developing countries depend on the automobile...

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