Which Is The Best Alternative Energy For Cleaning Up Pollution?

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Which Is The Best Alternative Energy For Cleaning Up Pollution?

Pollution around the word in these few years has become more serious and critical. Different personal and commercial activities like driving, cooking, watching TV, mining, forestry and manufacturing have severely damaged the ecosystem and environment has. There are different types of pollution happening on earth. They include air pollution, light pollution, noise pollution and water pollution etc. Energy production from fossil fuels creates different pollution problems too. For Pollution will deteriorate and cause catastrophic effect to future generations and earth if actions are not taken to address impacts caused by various forms of pollution.

Fossil fuels such as oils and coals are primary culprits of air pollution thru carbon emission when used to generate electricity or energy. There are alternative forms of clean energy with less pollution impact to earth. They come in the form of natural resources such as solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, biomass and nuclear energy. They all are renewable energy for different kinds of uses and benefits. Among various forms of renewable energy, I will have to choose solar energy as the best alternative energy to eliminate pollution.

Solar energy is basically energy that comes from the sun. The sun generates energy thru thermonuclear process, which creates heat and radiation. The radiation streams out into the earth and is collected by solar panels. To generate heat, solar panels collect the solar energy and transfer the energy into solar fluid. The fluid is then circulated through collectors by a pump, and is later transferred into the hot water cylinder. After that, hot water can be used in water taps. To generate electricity, solar panels collect the solar energy. Solar panels contain solar cells with a positive and negative layer. The energy causes electrons to be free, in which the electrons will flow through a connecting wire, and electricity will be generated. The electricity provides power to various forms of devices in the household and for commercial use in the world.

Solar energy generates electricity and heat that are being used by families for cooking, heating and running appliances. It is also being more popular in commercial use as alternative energy source for cars, manufacturing plants and offices. There are many advantages in using solar energy, with the primary benefit being contribution to a healthy environment. Firstly, it doesn’t contribute to water, noise and air pollution when producing and generating energy. It doesn't release harmful gases like nitrogen oxide or carbon dioxide, thus keeping the air fresh and clean. It produces energy quietly without any noise, unlike wind energy, which produces lots of noises when generating energy. It also doesn’t pollute water as is in the case of hydroelectric energy, which creates floods and destroy the natural habitat of sea animals and onshore habitats along the dams....

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