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Molnar Céline132192Group 2Which Name(s) for my Child?Since the 13th century we used to give to our children their father's surname. However, on the 20th March, after a proposition of the Minister of Justice Annemie Turtelboom, the Belgian government has passed a new draft bill that opens the way for children to be endowed with the surname of their mother. In fact, this law enables the parents to choose between four possibilities: the last name of the father or the mother or a combination of the two names in either sequence. In cases where the parents do not make a choice, the last name of the father will be given. Even though this law presents some advantages, it has several negatives aspects too.First of all, that is important to look at the positive points this new law offers. One of them is that the law may spare children the burden of a name that is difficult to bear. It also enables to avoid names that are too common. Likewise, this law could save some surnames which are rarer. Indeed, 25% of the surnames are born by only one person and between 60 and 70% of the names disappear. Therefore, if the mother's name is rarer than the father's one, that is a real advantage to be able to give it to your child. But the icing on the cake is that this new law is perfect for specific situations such as single-parent or reconstituted families.However, this law does not present only positive points. On the contrary, it has in my view several weaknesses. One of the other sides of the coin is that the choice of the name could make up a source of conflict between the child's parents but also between the parents and their families. Indeed, the parents could be forced to justify themselves to their families as for their decision. Moreover, the new law is very complicated: there are already ten different possibilities at...

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