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Which Of The Contemporary Perspectives In Psychology Makes The Most Sense To You? Discussion

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Which of the contemporary perspectives in psychology makes the most sense to you? DiscussionIt is evident that psychology is being increasingly used in daily events. Employment forexample, in Europe more companies are subjecting potential personnel to psychologicalprofile checks and psychological tests during interviews. Even our social lives arebecoming affected. People who are seeking the right partner are using psychologicaltechniques to establish the emotional state of their potential partners. As psychologybecomes more and more accessible and understandable to more people, I feel that it willbegin to influence our lifestyles more.The evolutionary perspective "focuses on why a particular behavior or physical structuredeveloped and how the behavior or structure aids in adaptation to the environment"(Lahey, 20). Charles Darwin was the innovator who popularized the evolutionary theory.This summarizes how a being can adapt to an environment and keep certain habits, inturn passing these traits along to future generations.Sociocultural perspective "focuses on the different cultures, ethnic identity and othersociocoultural factors to fully understand a person" (Lahey, 17) - which I think is makesthe most sense. At a point in time the psychology field was dominated by Caucasianmales. Females and people from different races were not allowed to be in the field oreven to obtain a doctoral degree. Thought the years, the percentage of men and womenin the field have changed dramatically. Once dominated by men, the field has shiftedmore toward women dominating the field.The contemporary perspective in psychology that makes the most sense to me is theneuroscience perspective. I think the neuroscience perspective is very importantespecially within the medical field. I understand why this course is a pre-req for entryinto pharmacy school. The neuroscience perspective "focuses on the nervous system inexplaining behavior and mental processes. Psychologists are interested in the structuresof the brain that play roles in emotion, reasoning, speaking, and other psychologicalprocesses" (Lahey, 20). For example, after drinking alcohol you slur you speech and areunable to walk a straight line. Alcohol affects the part of the brain that controls musclecoordination. Also,the illegal drug MDMA/ecstasy effects serotonin levels in the brain.This plays a role in...

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