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Which One Would You Choose Essay

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Pretend for a minute that the superhuman world exists. Many people know the general story of Super Man and of Beowulf. We all know that they both have an enormous amount of strength. They are heroes and people around them relied on them, because they fought the bad guy. It’s also known that they come from completely two different types of worlds, and lived centuries apart. Superman isn’t even human but kryptonian which allows him to have other powers besides strength. In a dark ally being robbed, or a meteor heading toward earth, or the government (which ever kind it is) has gone whack, or any other kind of sticky situation you find yourself in, who are you going to wish was there, Superman or Beowulf. First you have to know what their qualities, strengths, weaknesses, are and what they can provide to help you.
One thing that might make things difficult to choose is that they both have an incredible measure of strength. Superman has always been known has the “man of steel” ever since he was first thought of. Beowulf has the strength of thirty men, “The time has come, O Beowulf, for you to prove your worth. The gods have gifted you with the strength of thirty men”. All Beowulf has is his strength, but Superman has x – ray vision, bionic hearing, and laser eyes. Unlike Beowulf Superman has a weakness, it is kryptonite, kryptonian rock from his home planet Krypton. Beowulf has no weaknesses except the normal human ones. He has old age and fragility affect him the way that it does all humans. “For I am an old man now, and it comes to me, as in a dream, that this will be my last adventure, my final fight… in one wide sweep of the dragon's tail Beowulf was caught, and he sank to the ground broken, at last, in body.”, “I die… and now I shall sleep ... the longest sleep." The strengths of the two are appealing to a damsel in distress, but the weakness can make any one second guess. Another factor to consider is their place in the time line.
Beowulf was created some time between the eighth and eleventh century. If...

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