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Which Priest Was Right, Father Gabriel Or Rodrigo? Explain Your Answer Showing You Have Thought About It From More Than One Point Of View. Include Christian Teachings In Your Answer.

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Has anyone ever invaded your house before? Or have you ever been enslaved by people you don't know before? You're home may be a very sacred and comforting place for you and your family, but during the 1750's in South America, home to many Indian tribes called the Guarani, were subtle to enslavement by powers that were nearly beyond their control. In the movie, "The Mission", directed by Roland Joffe, it tells a story of Father Gabriel, a Jesuit priest, and Rodrigo Mendoza, a converted Jesuit, who join a fight to help protect Guarani Indians and their land, it is fairly subjective to consider who was more right as both of their actions were very Christian, I am going to explain both points of view in this essay.Rodrigo was formerly a slave trader who murdered his own brother, converting to the Jesuits upon being laden with guilt. You could think that Rodrigo was more right because he felt the guilt of killing his own brother, he discovered how much love he had, not only for his brother, but also for the slaves he had been trading, he wanted redemption which the Jesuits offered, he was dedicated to feeling the pain he had put his brother through, as well as his slaves, he felt agape, only after sinning. His dedication was important as, in 1 Corinthians 13, it says…"And though I give all my goods to feed the poor, and surrender my body to the flames, and have not love, I gain nothing."…meaning that every good deed you do is useless if you do not do them out of love, this is a very 'right' thing to do.However, Gabriel is also following this passage from Corinthians, he is helping to convert the Indians out of love, a love for his God as well as a love for the people, he wants to protect them from being damned to hell. This follows the second of Jesus' two greatest commandments…"Love thy neighbour as thyself"…meaning that, should he be one of the Indians, he would want to a chance to go to heaven, this is also a very Christian action.Rodrigo...

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