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Suddenly I opened my eyes. Surrounded in total darkness. I hear nothing. Where am I? What happened? Why am I here? I began to look around, slowly
finding the possibility to move. First with the turning of my head, then onward with the shoulders, arms, hands and fingers, my back and finally the whole torso. Further my hips,
thighs, calves and in the end my feet and toes. Now that my eyes are a costumed to the darkness, I see soft light from above. Without hesitation I began to swim to the light.
Noticing then there's the surface; I was all this time under water? As I reached the surface, I realized the light came from the city that stood tall before its shores and me. But
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Before I could do or say anything, suddenly everything went black. I saw nothing but heard everything
and was able to move only a bit. Realizing now something covered my eyes and bound me together. Quickly with all my strength I was able to break my bonds and removed the
blanket that covered my eyes. While freeing myself I heard many voices around me, mostly men but also a few women and children.
"Quickly strap him up! Don't let it remove the blanket! Hurry we need more ropes to tie it up again! Careful, he might be dangerous! What is that thing? It looks like a man to me. Well to me something dangerous that's for sure!"
Once the blanket was removed, I couldn't believe my eyes. There were more people dressed in black diving suits, men, women and children.
"Everyone quick run! Hide!" Shouted a man with short cut wavy black hair, immediately every one of them began to run.
"Zzz-tz-buzz. Tz-no-zzrrrr-nnnrrrzzz-harm." I gave out.
Placing quickly a hand to my throat. It must have been the water that damaged my voice; strangely the rest of me isn't damaged or malfunctioned. I must communicate them, but
how when my voice is damaged! The man who gave the order to run was still close to me, holding something his hands, believing it would shield him from me. Gently as I could I
held him by the shoulders, although all those people and he were two heads smaller than me. So I...

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